One way to light up a room is to install suspended ceilings with light panels & louvers. This will be a very practical solution to improve the office setup. Whether it be a new office or an old office that needs renovating. There are many benefits to a suspended ceiling over a permanent ceiling type. That includes Aesthetics in office design, Acoustics, Sustainability, seemless integration, Environmentally friendly that can improve ventilation, emissions, lighting and thermal systems, thermal comfort, use of daylight for natural lighting and skylighting.

How can a suspended ceiling help improve the office

Most businesses move into a building or a building level and renovate the office while also changing the ceiling to reduce dust and emissions. A suspended ceiling can be easily lifted and have the ducts, pipes and cables be checked and cleaned or renetworked. This helps for quicker and more accessible repairs or modifications.

It is a lightweight and cheap solution that won’t cause any hazards over your head. It is fire safe and can easily be replaced or modified to give cables and lights access to either side. While saving a huge amount in cleaning bills when it hardly catches dust.