Does your business have a lobby or a welcoming area. Then the first encounter your clients will engauge with will be your reception and wall decor. Have you researched many design systems to go with your walls and greeting area. We have contractors that can do that and provide the best price on design. Our fitouts also include reception desks and foyer furniture. We have been in office furnishings for over 80 years and we have more solutions than questions you can throw at us.

Our work has been top quality and afforablility for any startup business and and to corporate management. The modern waiting room is more than a waiting room, it’s an area that your clients get to know your company through vision effects and clues. It’s also in some degree the very first impression a client may have of you and the work that you do.

Does your business express friendlyness or creativity or even modern and sleek. We can take down your requirements and work on it from there. Give us a call and talk over the phone about your project any time in our business hours on: 0404067304