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office building renovations

Office Renovation is more than just a do over and clean up. There are a lot more involved to office renovation than you think. As many companied grow they often grow larger and become more professional and sophisticated. Making the use of the existing spaces means it needs to be more practical and a lot more de-cluttered. Offices need to be a dynamic environment that allow people to walk around in the free spaces while keeping the floor plan of desks within reach for better team environment.

Work Space Energy and Transparancy

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We all know socialising, working, eating, and entertaining within the same group of co-workers and clients help us improve the connections at work. This also helps us maintain our passion and energy in our work. Now we all know why we need to keep morale up in a work place and why energy and good socialising helps with gaining momentum. Transparancy is also another thing that is not well know but it is important in keeping the main objective clear and understandable. We are only discussing open plans in office fitouts so, for example, Having meetings rooms walled with glass so that it helps keep the goal of openness, and keep everyone on topic. Have exposed kitchen or cafe areas to free up waiting room and facilitate spontaneous meetings.

Points to consider when planning for a fitout is the budget, lighting, walls and partitioning, floor plan and general layout, accessibility to departments, device and whilte board installation, network infustrator, server, storage and company backup rooms, meeting areas, kitchen, lobby and front desk. The main idea is purpose, it is a new office arrangement to accomodate employee desires and speed up performance and tasks. Generally the more privacy that you provide a employee, that is within minimise distraction from eye view or enclose more private data work from outside interests or even encourage concentration from blocking out some of the sounds. These are important points to consider however if a more collaborative workspace is what your employees need than a complex desk setup is needed to easily hand out tasks and encourage micro meetings. Office environments and dynamics however does change and performance of each individual employee can under perform even in the most suited setups. This is why there should be parititoning for freedom to change seating positions so that it doesn’t feel like a no escape zone.

Typically if you are looking for a whole office fitout and replace desks and furniture, it is more affordable if ordered in bulk. Speak to our contractors for your office building renovations on: 0404067304