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Office Renovation Or New Design Is A Valued Symbol For Employees

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Office Refit, Renovation or new build?

Office partitioning and desk setups can maximize floor space and build better team environments whether your looking for an office refit or renovation. The concept is not new and by working together to work out the optimal arrangement of desk and work spaces it can have a huge impact on work flow.

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Our company is operated by contractors from all over the south east suburbs. We are experienced office refit and office renovations specialists, we serve businesses of all sizes in and around Melbourne, surrounding suburbs, and across Victoria.

We offer the highest level of finish to any office refit job and pride ourselves on how affordable and competitive we are . You can get a written quote or call us and we’ll be happy to quote you over the phone as well.

Registered building practitioners in Melbourne and surrounding suburbs. We come with a full range of services that you would otherwise have to obtain from a variety of contractors.

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Research shows that employees value workplaces that are designed with people in mind. That is, the office space should reflect the values they have and also accelerate performance.

Young employees between 20-35 years value flexibility, choice and experience. Having an office design that matches their needs fuels the retention of those already working and attracts talent in the needed areas across the company.

The experience at the workplace will influence productivity of staff, catalyze cultural shifts and determine the quality of corporate strategy. Millennial’s perceive space as an extension of themselves and thus office design that is engaging and keeps them connected (through social collaboration tools for example) will attract and retain them.

Office Fit Outs And Employee Satisfaction

Whether you have an open plan office or are in a more confined space, our office dividers can breathe new life into your workplace in ways that a simple fresh coat of paint cannot. Office partitioning is innovative, economical, space saving and colorful, and can suit any modern working environment. You’ll enjoy a more practical and relaxed working environment which will benefit your company’s output and profit.

Regardless of your working industry, we are able to provide the best office partitioning products in Melbourne. Delivering expert installation, value for money and friendly, helpful services, you’re sure to benefit from your Metro Office Fit outs experience. For more information on any of our office partition products or services, contact us today.

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Today’s technological advancements have hugely influenced how work-spaces are managed. Artificial Intelligence has and is increasingly automating tasks, which are process driven, making way for more of the creative design and development roles which are creating new jobs and a more diverse type of worker.

New workers will push for workplace user experience as a priority for any organization. This means higher specification core locations will be used to attract right skills and expertise.

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Although connectivity is very important when it comes to your office design, so too is your access to amenities as this also influences the overall office design and location. In some of the latest office designs, this can mean coffee areas for breaks, flexible meeting areas, game rooms, nursing areas, training rooms. In terms of the location, being near restaurants, shopping areas and good transport services are the types of things new workers will be looking out for.

Complete Office Renovation Services

Smart planning in the early stages increases your chances for a successful office renovation. Proactive planning can be very helpful in sidestepping the headaches that might otherwise plague a remodeling and/or expansion project. Follow these five steps to help the renovation process flow smoothly.

Be Clear About Your Goals

Ask yourself these questions and try to address each area that concerns you.

  1. What is the main reason driving the renovation (e.g. infrastructure updating, installation of new technology, overhaul and upgrade of finishes, change of tenant, changes in how the space is to the function, or you just want to make the space aesthetically more pleasing)?
  2. Do you intend to continue work while the renovations take place? if you do intend to work while renovation take place, will work be done in a phased plan? Are there any issues that will impact the schedule of the project?
  3. What is the budget for the project? Does it include all available funds? Have you created a budget that will cover contingencies?
  4. Have you addressed the planning or regulations that will impact the renovations?

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Office Renovation Cost Efficiency

Right from the outset, you can make cost saving by involving the general contractors.  This will ensure accurate test-fit budgeting and maximize cost efficiency. A good office fit out or renovation contractor can give valuable input on the project’s preliminary budget. They also can validate, in practical  early design concepts and perform value engineering before a design is finalized or construction begins.

When soliciting proposals for the designer and general contractor, it’s important to look for firms that are experienced in the specific type of renovation work that the project entails. During the interview process, ask for specifics on budgets, schedules, and change orders for the contractors’ past renovation projects. Be sure to obtain references from past clients and check them carefully.

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It’s always a good idea to conduct an evaluation of existing conditions. Make a comprehensive list covering:

  • The condition of all the electrical and mechanical systems.
  • The internal/external condition of the building and its ability to support any renovations.
  • The quality of all the existing utilities.
  • Review any past site evaluations  that were carried out.

As much as possible, try to be sure that you can operate within your budget  by carrying out a preliminary site evaluation. A lot of unforeseen costs can be  uncovered during construction (e.g. where harmful asbestos may have been used in original construction, lead, or toxic mold caused by water intrusion) can bring the renovation to a halt and could lead to a costly redesign.

Bespoke Doors Made to Measure for Your Project

Welcome to Metro Office Fit Outs – the home of customised aluminium doors for ambitious commercial projects throughout Melbourne. For more than 50 years, we have worked closely with architects and project managers to deliver expert solutions that are just perfect for their own unique projects. And we can do the same for you…

As well as providing first-class products built to very high specifications, we’ll be with you at every stage of the process from design advice through to installation and service too. Take a look through our site and see what we can do for you…

Our expert team of designers and craftsmen love a challenge and we pride ourselves that no shape is too tricky. Triangles, circles, arches, rounded tops, camber tops and trapezoids: Metro Office Fit Outs offers them all!

The team takes an active role in working with customers looking for bespoke doors. We encourage customers to make the most of our decades of knowledge and expertise, putting our minds at their disposal during the design phase of their unique projects. We work in partnership with architects to create a vision for our customers of what can be achieved with a little daring and some superb craftsmanship.

Whether it’s an entrance door that adds character, a curtain wall that transforms an entire room or sliding doors that create the perfect connection between interior and exterior space, we delight in working with clients to create bespoke products to meet their needs.

Our approach

We create distinctive, bespoke doors which combine personality and performance, we have the experience and skills to deliver.


Our bespoke doors are often architect-led. We regularly work in partnership with architects, contributing our expertise to convert detailed designs and performance requirements into reality.


Every project requires planning and preparation time given the nature of bespoke manufacturing. The whole team is involved from start to finish.

Project Planning

It’s often prudent to speak to us at the earliest stages of a project, to ensure we can plan efficiently to align with your project milestones. Call us today (0404 067 304) to discuss how our bespoke service can enhance your next project.

custom made aluminium doors

We boast an extensive product portfolio of bi-folding, sliding, French, pivot, swing and entrance doors as well as a host of fixed frameless glazing solutions.

Make the most of Metro Office Fit Out’s complete design and installation service, from inception to completion, including site surveys. We have built long-standing working relationships across all areas of construction and design. Let us help you deliver a design that is architecturally stunning and the ultimate in thermal efficiency for your project.

Suspended Ceilings? Call The Experts

Metro Office Fit outs is proud to deliver some of the best suspended ceiling installations in offices across Melbourne. If your office is lacking personality or is too generic for the dynamic nature of your company, let our experienced team implement an exciting and innovative ceiling installation in your workplace.

We are proud to employ some of the most talented suspended ceiling contractors in Melbourne, so you can be confident that you are in good hands. Providing a great way to brighten your office and give it a feeling of difference and vibrancy, a false ceiling can offer a striking embellishment to the stock standard four walls of most commercial properties.

The suspended ceiling installation contractors Melbourne trusts.
Impress clients and staff alike with quality suspended ceiling tiles that instantly give your Melbourne office block that added element of sophistication and distinction. We are confident you’ll be happy with the results we deliver!

All ceiling installation jobs are carried out with precaution and efficiency so as not to disrupt your regular working schedule. For more information on anything from false ceiling installation to suspended ceiling panels and more, contact Metro Office Fit outs today.

suspended ceiling installation melbourne

In an office, utilizing the neglected space above the heads of your employees by installing a suspended ceiling can significantly benefit the space as it delivers on both practicality and style. The ceiling of your office is an integral part of its overall structure, which is why fitting a suspended ceiling will not only add space and value, it will also majorly improve the functionality of the workplace.

As opposed to drywall or plasterboard ceilings, suspended ceilings provide improved acoustic qualities so the noise pollution from above floors is considerably reduced. Therefore, it’s important to consult with a professional to ensure the correct tiling and insulation is installed for extra soundproofing.

suspended ceiling in factory setting

We understand that the way businesses operate means minimal disruption and downtime to the rest of the company is a must when installing suspended ceilings. Luckily, having one fitted by an experienced professional company means the overall project will be completed quickly and efficiently, so you can start reaping the rewards in no time at all.

Creative Partitioning With Cubicle And Wall Panels

Office Cubicle & Wall Panels are more than just dividers. There is a lot of practicality in keeping within walls. You may want to section off areas for access, reception, privacy, call center, storage, or changing the office layout. There are solutions we provide and we can transform your office with new release work surfaces that will impress and function the way you want.

With Metro Office Fit Outs, you can trust us to create the perfect office, suited to your identity, requirements and budget, for all your employees and clients to enjoy.

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As part of our office refurbishment services, we can easily install office partitioning that can achieve levels of sound absorption/mitigation and fire resistance, creating new office environments. Partitions are ideal to create meeting rooms or private offices from an open plan area.

With a variety of colors and finishes, you can rest assured knowing that our innovative design team will find something suitable that fits in with the current look and feel of your office.

office partition contractors victoria

We work in accordance with manufacturer’s specifications and the latest building regulations to ensure that new office layouts are compliant with building regulations.

Based in Melbourne, we offer national coverage, so if you would like to work with us, please contact us today.

Glass Partitions

Movable Office Partitions, Partition Walls and Glass Partitions will give you the flexibility to redesign and install the office layout to suit any situation. All our Partition systems are demount-able, your office can be dismantled, relocated and redesigned as a totally different layout at any time down the line.

The different elements of glass, solid and demount-able can be employed to create a bright and flexible work space, while meeting high levels of acoustic requirements. Competitive advantage can be achieved through unique design-led partitions displaying company branding, logos, color glazed units and digitally printed images.

metro office fit outs melbourne

Office Partitions also achieve outstanding fire and structural performance through stringent testing. Metro Office Fit-Outs offer the safest and widest product offering in Melbourne. Our office partitions conform to building regulation requirements most suited to your office fit-out or refurbishment.

Glass wall partitioning has become a popular choice for office environments which would make them more modern looking. These will create an open space feeling. The glass comes in different thickness and you can choose from single and double glazed. Ideal for offices, shops, etc.

glass partition contractors victoria

Glass partitions is a great way of creating a professional look to your business and increases the natural light. Contact us for your consultation and we can guarantee the right design for you. Or send us a message with all your details on the contact us form on our website. we look forward to hearing from you.

Acoustic Design & Installation | Office Noise Reduction

Metro Office Fitouts have operated for many years as specialist contractors in the area of noise reduction. We deal with commercial and private clients all over Melbourne.  Our focus is in all aspects of noise control and can supply and install a wide range of systems to meet your budgetary and aesthetic requirements.

We have over 30 years experience in the field of acoustic engineering.  Specializing in Acoustic Flooring, Acoustic Wall Panels, Acoustic Ceilings, Acoustic Doors and Industrial Noise Control.

Today, more than ever before, there are many distractions in the office environment.  Improving your acoustic environment can achieve better concentration levels among personnel, hence leading to a more productive work force.

We use the best available soundproofing materials and sound absorbing acoustic panels.  We partner with the most technologically advanced providers offering the latest and most effective tiles and foam to control echo or reverberation.  Particularly important, in say,  large halls and commercial settings.  All our soundproofing insulation is comprehensive and highly effective.  No matter what the size of the area is, we can provide the best noise reduction solutions that fit your needs.

office soundproofing

Today’s office space is so far removed from what was the tradition only 30 years ago.  We’ve all had to change and adapt to these new environments and the technological revolution going on all around us.  Considering how much time we spend in the office environment we’ve adapted very well, especially, when the space matches our needs.  The ubiquitous adoption of open-plan offices over the past decade, however, has produced mixed results—for various reasons it’s become clear that this isn’t always the correct solution for everyone.

noise reduction soundproofing melbourne

We understand that the way businesses operate and how important it is to minimize disruption and downtime.  Luckily, having your office or commercial space fitted by an experienced professional company means the overall project will be completed quickly and efficiently, so you can start reaping the rewards in no time at all.

Supapanel Fire Rated Wall System

Fire Walls

Metro office fit outs has extensive experience with the installation of fire rated walls including the Supapanel wall systems. The Supapanel fire rated wall system are manufactured in Melbourne and can achieve fire resistance levels up to 120 minutes. The Supapanel wall system is ideally suited to be used for inter tenancy walls , shaft walls , boundary walls , factory separation walls and acoustic walls.

The Supapanel wall system is robust and easy to work with in comparison to other fire rated wall systems in the market and is manufactured made to measure lengths reducing the installation time on site and waste that can be associated when using products that are set lengths and are required to be cut on site to length.

Metro Office fit outs can supply and install Supapanel walls to the manufactures specification and we can also take care of the protection of the services passing through the Supapanel walls by supplying and installing the appropriate passive fire device tested and certified to the Australian standards under AS 1530.4 .

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