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Metro Office Fit Outs is a top choice for delivering outstanding office interior design in Melbourne. Our commercial interior designers blend business aesthetics and functionality, covering all the necessary elements for a dynamic commercial office fitout.

Offices go beyond just physical spaces; they’re important for motivating and enhancing employee productivity. This philosophy is at the core of our designs. Regular evaluation of office interiors helps maintain a conducive work environment. Tired and damaged interiors not only affect aesthetics but also diminish employee morale

It’s not just about looks; it’s about creating a harmonious space for creativity and efficiency to thrive. If your office needs a change, let Metro Office transform it into a perfect blend of design and functionality.

Contact Metro Office interior professionals today to assess your interior design and revamp your offices in Melbourne.

Commercial Interior Design Services

Entering a Metro Office Fit Outs designed space is a journey into a carefully crafted world of office interior services. Our Melbourne corporate interiors are unique experiences, finely tuned to match each business’s distinct persona. Our suite of interior design services includes:

  • Layout and Space Planning [workstations & joineries, meeting rooms & common areas]
  • Furniture Selection [desks, chairs, & other furniture]
  • Colour Scheme [that reflects brand personality in line with office aesthetics]
  • Lighting Design [natural and artificial lighting with focus on energy efficiency]
  • Art, Decor & Greenery [branding elements and indoor plants]
  • Flooring [based on office needs, durability & ease of maintenance]
  • Acoustics [office soundproofing with sound-absorbing materials]
  • Storage Solutions [cabinets, shelves, and filing systems]

We also take special care of:

  • Technology Integration [accessibility of power outlets, data ports, & audio-visual equipment]
  • Accessibility [inclusive features like ramps, wider doorways, & accessible workstations]
  • Zoning and Privacy [open work areas, private offices, & meeting spaces, including specialised glass wall partition designs]
  • Safety and Compliance [building codes and safety regulations in Australia, including fire safety measures & emergency exits]

Our comprehensive approach to office design covers everything, including unique suspended ceiling design and office renovations. Metro Office Fit Outs is your one-stop solution for revitalising your workspace.

Our team of office interior designers in Melbourne pays close attention to every detail, ensuring your workspace is of the highest quality. We create a workspace that’s both beautiful and practical, tailored to fit the specific fit out needs of each company.

Why Improve Your Office Interior?

Enhancing the interior design of commercial offices brings a range of benefits that transform not only the physical space but also the people working there. Interior design upgrades and changes can help your business with:

In every design project, our skilled interior designers at Metro Office Fit Outs pay close attention to detail. We make sure that each interior office refurbishment not only looks great but also brings real, practical advantages. The focus on ergonomics, lighting, safety and more can boost productivity and help your business thrive.


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Our Corporate Interior Design Process

At Metro Office, every commercial office space is like a blank canvas where we work our magic. Our thorough design process includes:

  1. Project Initiation and Planning
  2. Concept Development [design concept is tailor-made to the client’s unique needs, brand identity, and aspirations]
  3. Space and Layout Planning [compliance with building codes, safety, and accessibility]
  4. Design Development [floor plans, 3D renderings, architect and engineer collaboration for structural and mechanical elements]
  5. Documentation and Specifications [e.g. schedules, materials, fixtures, and budget estimates]
  6. Construction and Implementation 
  7. Furniture Procurement and Installation
  8. Final Inspections and Quality Assurance

At Metro Office, we’re a top choice for a new office interior in Melbourne. Our experienced team of interior designers and contractors is all about delivering results. We work efficiently, using the best materials, and keep you in the loop throughout. Our office interior design services are executed with minimal downtime, utilising the highest quality materials and ensuring frequent communication with our clients at every step.

Our Commitment

At Metro Office, we’re more than an office fit-out company; we’re your partners in creating inspiring and efficient workspaces. Our approach is all about hard work and collaboration, with you at the centre of it all.

We take pride in delivering cost-effective office transformations without sacrificing quality. We understand that every business operation is critical, so we work to minimise any disruptions during our projects.

Our skilled project managers and contractors are dedicated to making sure every detail is just right, giving you great value for your investment.

At Metro Office, we take pride in providing a service that’s all about friendly and helpful interactions. As a family-owned business, we’ve built a strong reputation based on integrity, quality, and client satisfaction.

Melbourne Office Interior Design at Its Best

With over 50 years of experience in office design in Melbourne, Metro Office is your trusted source for commercial fit outs and interior design services. Whether your office needs a full makeover or specific improvements like suspended ceilings, we’ve got you covered. Every detail in our designs reflects our dedication to precision and delivering high-quality interiors.


Our design team is well-trained to bring you exceptional craftsmanship, ensuring every project comes to life in its most exquisite form. We are open to free-flowing communication, welcoming clients to request, consult, and discuss any queries regarding office interiors in Melbourne. 


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