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Metro Office Fitouts has operated for many years as a specialist soundproofing contractor for noise reduction in both commercial & industrial settings. We deal with commercial and private clients all over Melbourne and provide office soundproofing solutions. Our focus is on all aspects of noise control and can both supply and install a wide range of acoustic solutions for the office to meet your budgetary and aesthetic requirements.

We have over 30 years of experience in the field of acoustic engineering and specialise in Acoustic Flooring, Acoustic Wall Panels, Acoustic Ceilings, Acoustic Doors and Industrial Noise Control.

The Benefits Of Reducing Office Noise

There are many distractions in both office and factory workplaces. Improving noise levels improve concentration levels and lead to a more productive workforce and enjoyable workplace.

Metro Office Fitouts offer a wide variety of office soundproofing solutions for Melbourne businesses and can assist you with the right choice for your office atmosphere and performance with our experience and skills to deliver.

Design & Layout

Our experience working with a wide range of commercial spaces ensure we can design and layout the right amount of acoustic panels for optimal noise reduction.

Our 30 years of experience in acoustic design and installation means we can design a cost-effective solution for your business needs.

Soundproof Panel Installation

Our team is ready to assist you with the acoustic and soundproof installations you require and

it’s often prudent to speak to us at the earliest stages of a project, to ensure we can plan efficiently to align our soundproofing solutions with your project goals. If you’re thinking about office renovations or a complete commercial fitout, call us today (0404 067 304) to discuss how our acoustic supply and installation service can enhance your environment.

We work in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications and the latest building regulations to ensure that new soundproofing panels are compliant with Australian building and safety regulations.

Improved Acoustics & Fire Protection

Fire protection and acoustics are two essential factors in modern-day construction. The product we use is an innovative means of achieving regulatory results. Our products are lightweight, and durable and will result in money well spent. Not to mention, our acoustic solutions can be enabled with fire protection properties to provide your office with safety-first improvements. 

We’ve been in the office construction business for over 50 years and you’ll benefit from our depth of knowledge and experience. Our sales and management staff are on hand to guide you through each stage of the process. We’re ready to assist you with any query related to offices. You can contact us on 0404 067 304

Based in Melbourne, we offer national coverage, so if you would like to work with us, please contact us today.

Soundproofing Office Spaces – Acoustic Design & Installation

Today, more than ever before, there are many distractions in the office environment. Improving the noise levels of your commercial environment can achieve better concentration levels among personnel, hence leading to a more productive and enjoyable workplace.

We use the best soundproofing materials and sound absorbing acoustic panels to deliver a high quality result. We partner with the most technologically advanced providers offering the latest and most effective tiles and foam to control echo or reverberation in your commercial space. Acoustic design and sound reduction become particularly important in large halls and commercial settings.

All our soundproofing insulation is comprehensive, highly effective and meets Australia’s building and safety standards. No matter what the size of the area is, we can provide the best noise reduction solutions that fit your needs. We also provide glass partitions, office cubicles and suspended ceilings in Melbourne that can help control office noise.

Metro Office Fit Outs is ready to work for you. For your free consultation, contact us today.

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Several materials are known for their soundproofing properties due to their density, mass, and ability to absorb or block sound waves effectively. Some of the most soundproof materials include:

  • Mass-Loaded Vinyl (MLV)
  • Mineral Wool Insulation
  • Soundproof Drywall
  • Acoustic Foam Panels
  • Cork
  • Rubber underlayment or mats
  • Massive Wood or Concrete
  • Double or Triple Pane Windows

Often, a combination of these materials in the construction or renovation of a space offers the best soundproofing results.

An office ceiling can be soundproofed to reduce airborne and impact noise. Soundproofing methods include adding acoustic insulation and installing sound-absorbing materials like acoustic ceiling tiles or panels to minimise sound transmission. Additionally, sealing gaps and using double-layered drywall or adding mass-loaded vinyl can enhance soundproofing.

Soundproofing existing walls is possible through various methods. Adding soundproofing materials like acoustic panels, mass-loaded vinyl or specialised insulation within the wall cavities can reduce noise transmission. Applying soundproofing compounds or adding an extra layer of drywall with resilient channels helps dampen sound vibrations. Using soundproofing paints or wallpapers with noise-absorbing properties can also reduce sound transfer.

Acoustic panels can be valuable in managing sound within office environments for a more conducive and comfortable workspace. While they may not provide complete soundproofing, they help in reducing noise levels, controlling reverberations and improving the overall acoustics of an office setting. Strategically placing acoustic panels in areas prone to higher noise levels, such as open office spaces, meeting rooms or hallways can better improve overall sound quality.

Glass offices offer limited soundproofing due to glass’s natural properties transmitting sound vibrations more readily than solid materials. However, using thicker, higher-quality glass, double or triple-pane, proper sealing and additional sound-absorbing materials can improve sound insulation.

Firewalls are primarily designed for fire containment and offer limited soundproofing. While they consist of dense materials like concrete or gypsum, providing some sound reduction, their main purpose prioritises fire resistance over sound insulation. Achieving effective soundproofing may require additional measures such as sound-absorbing materials, specialised construction techniques or additional insulation alongside firewalls to significantly reduce sound transmission.


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