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Suspended Ceiling - Doveton Baptist Church Melbourne

Doveton Church is a revered Baptist Church located in Doveton, Victoria. It is renowned as a longstanding small community church and has been in existence since 1964.

Doveton Church is committed to serving God through its church service and activities. Of course, this is all possible through their well utilised church grounds and buildings.

The church reached out to us for an extensive remodel of their church’s ceiling well in time for its 50th Anniversary. This mega fit out project included the careful installation of a church suspended ceiling in Melbourne.

Church Suspended Ceiling Installation

The Doveton Baptist Church had a ceiling that had been exposed to wear and tear over the years and needed to be replaced with something more contemporary, long lasting and easier to maintain. 

The Church was very particular about suspended ceiling designs and layouts that would uphold the harmony of the church and the crucifix both, and showcase them in an aesthetic way. Their other concerns were around energy conservation, acoustics, and cost saving.

Suspended Ceiling Benefits

Suspended ceilings can benefit commercial spaces and buildings mainly through:

Temperature Control

Material used for the suspended ceiling helps regulate temperature, and provide better insulation. The church required heating and insulation through their newly renovated suspended ceiling and the project helped maintain warmer temperatures inside the church. This led to an improved experience for church goers and reverends, and also resulted in energy savings which was a key priority for Doveton Church.

Enhanced Acoustics

Suspended ceilings can use acoustic tiles for office soundproofing properties. With Doveton Baptist Church, acoustics were an important aspect to naturally improve the sound of sermons and services. To cater to their acoustic enhancement and noise reduction needs, high quality acoustic tiles were used for the church’s false ceiling.

Our qualified suspended ceiling contractors made sure to get the most suitable tiles to avoid any delays in project completion. The tile quality was a top priority for Metro Office Fit Outs. Cheap quality tiles react to temperature changes and can expand/contract which may cause them to fall out of the suspended ceiling system. If left unchecked, these cheaper tiles can risk injury to church goers, and damage the ceiling itself, requiring frequent costly repairs.


Suspended Ceilings make aesthetic and bright lighting an easy possibility. For Doveton Church, our suspended ceiling lighting plan was aligned for a bright and engaging interior to keep the church lively. This meant installing and positioning lights at an appropriate distance to light the whole place evenly. 

We also made sure to cut energy costs here by utilising energy efficient LED lights.

Suspended Ceiling Project Outcome

The Doveton Baptist Church suspended ceiling took a total of 2 weeks to complete. This project was fully based on listening to our client’s needs of suspended ceiling longevity and understanding their budget restraints. It required Metro Office ceiling contractors to give recommendations in line with those needs, without compromising on the quality of materials used, or the craftsmanship involved. 

Metro Office also ensured a commercial office fit out with minimal downtime and least impact on our client’s operations for those two weeks.

As a result, the project was successfully executed with a satisfied client. The church visitors were impressed with the new layout of the church ceiling, boosting their conviction, while the project helped to save costs for Doveton Baptist Church.

With 50+ years of experience in the fit out industry, Metro Office had once again done the job well, and used their expertise and experience to deliver on a suspended ceiling installation our clients were fully pleased with. 

Professional Church Fit Out Experience

We at Metro Office understand the precision, precaution and commitment required in delivering high quality suspended ceilings, church fit outs and other fit out services across all types of industries and businesses. We train our contractors and handymen along similar lines, to deliver unparalleled workmanship.

We are open to free flowing communication from our clients, so feel free to request, consult, discuss any queries regarding suspended ceilings in Melbourne. Contact us today for a free quote!

Doveton Church Fit Out Images

Check out the before and after images below to see the final ceiling look of the commercial suspended ceiling installation project for Doveton Baptist Church. 

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2 weeks


Doveton Baptist Church


127 Kidds Rd, Doveton, VIC




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February 21st, 2017





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