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Smart planning in the early stages increases your chances for a successful office renovation. Proactive planning can be very helpful in sidestepping the headaches that might otherwise plague a remodeling and/or expansion project. Follow these five steps to help the renovation process flow smoothly.

Be Clear About Your Goals

Ask yourself these questions and try to address each area that concerns you.

  1. What is the main reason driving the renovation (e.g. infrastructure updating, installation of new technology, overhaul and upgrade of finishes, change of tenant, changes in how the space is to the function, or you just want to make the space aesthetically more pleasing)?
  2. Do you intend to continue work while the renovations take place? if you do intend to work while renovation take place, will work be done in a phased plan? Are there any issues that will impact the schedule of the project?
  3. What is the budget for the project? Does it include all available funds? Have you created a budget that will cover contingencies?
  4. Have you addressed the planning or regulations that will impact the renovations?

It’s always a good idea to conduct an evaluation of existing conditions. Make a comprehensive list covering:

The condition of all the electrical and mechanical systems.
The internal/external condition of the building and its ability to support any renovations.
The quality of all the existing utilities.
Review any past site evaluations that were carried out.
As much as possible, try to be sure that you can operate within your budget by carrying out a preliminary site evaluation. A lot of unforeseen costs can be uncovered during construction (e.g. where harmful asbestos may have been used in original construction, lead, or toxic mold caused by water intrusion) can bring the renovation to a halt and could lead to a costly redesign.

Office Renovation Or New Design Is A Valued Symbol For Employees

We understand that the way businesses operate means minimal disruption and downtime to the rest of the company is a must when renovating your new office, or better yet, giving it a complete commercial fitout in Melbourne. Luckily, when you work with an experienced professional company means the overall project will be completed quickly and efficiently, so you can start reaping the rewards in no time at all. You can contact our offices on:  0404 067 304.

Office Renovation Cost Efficiency

Right from the outset, you can make cost saving by involving the general contractors. This will ensure accurate test-fit budgeting and maximize cost efficiency. A good office fit out or renovation contractor can give valuable input on the project’s preliminary budget. They also can validate, in practical early design concepts and perform value engineering before a design is finalized or construction begins.

That way, if your office refurbishment includes additional projects such as a commercial drop ceiling installation or glass partition walls, our contractors can keep them in mind when preparing budgets and plans.

When soliciting proposals for the designer and general contractor, it’s important to look for firms that are experienced in the specific type of renovation work that the project entails. During the interview process, ask for specifics on budgets, schedules, and change orders for the contractors’ past renovation projects. Be sure to obtain references from past clients and check them carefully.


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