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Metro Office Fitouts is proud to deliver some of the best suspended ceiling installations for commercial offices in Melbourne. If your office is lacking personality or is too generic for the dynamic nature of your company, let our experienced team implement exciting and innovative suspended ceilings systems at your workplace.

We are proud to employ some of the most talented suspended ceiling contractors in Melbourne, so you can be confident that you are in good hands. Providing a great way to brighten your office and give it a feeling of difference and vibrancy, a false ceiling can offer a striking embellishment to the stock standard four walls of most commercial properties.

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In an office, utilising the neglected space above the heads of your employees by installing a suspended ceiling can significantly benefit the space as it delivers on both practicality and style. The ceiling of your office is an integral part of its overall structure, which is why fitting a suspended ceiling (commonly known as a drop ceiling or false ceiling installation) will not only add space and value, it will also majorly improve the functionality of the workplace.

As opposed to drywall or plasterboard ceilings, suspended ceilings provide improved acoustic qualities so the noise pollution from the above floors is considerably reduced. Therefore, it’s important to consult with a professional to ensure the correct tiling and insulation is installed for extra soundproofing. You can also check out our office soundproofing services for more details on office acoustical solutions.

We understand that the way businesses operate means minimal disruption and downtime to the rest of the company is a must when installing suspended tile ceilings, or better yet, when opting for a commercial fitout. Luckily, having one fitted by an experienced professional company means the overall project will be completed quickly and efficiently, so you can start reaping the rewards in no time at all. You can contact our offices on:  0404 067 304.

Suspended ceiling contractors Melbourne.

Impress clients and staff alike with quality suspended ceiling tiles and office ceiling panels that instantly give your Melbourne office space that added element of sophistication and distinction. We are confident you’ll be happy with the results we deliver! Our hung ceiling systems have been installed in Frankston, Dandenong and the greater Melbourne metro area as part of our office renovation projects.

All drop ceiling installation jobs are carried out with precaution and efficiency so as not to disrupt your regular working schedule. For more information on anything from suspended grid ceilings, suspended ceiling panels and more, contact Metro Office Fitouts today.


The weight a suspended ceiling can hold depends on several factors, including the type of ceiling system, the materials used, the installation method, and the structural capacity of the building. Generally, suspended ceilings are designed to support the weight of ceiling tiles, light fixtures, and other lightweight components.

Metro Office Fitouts makes sure to follow manufacturer guidelines and local building codes when installing or modifying suspended ceilings to ensure safety and proper functionality.

Materials used for suspended ceiling tiles can include:

  • Gypsum [plaster-based ceiling tiles] 
  • Mineral Fiber [combination of mineral wool, perlite, clay, and starch]
  • Metal [aluminium or steel]
  • Wood
  • PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)
  • Fibreglass
  • Composite Materials [combination of different materials]


Each material has its own advantages and considerations, and the choice of suspended ceiling tiles depends on factors like the intended use of the space, desired aesthetics, acoustic requirements, and building codes.

Yes, false ceilings can be installed after the main construction of a building is completed. Drop ceilings are secondary ceilings that are suspended below the primary structural ceiling. They are often used to conceal building systems, improve aesthetics, and enhance acoustics and lighting in a space. Installing a false ceiling after construction is a common practice, especially in office renovation projects.

Yes, false ceilings can help reduce heat in a building to some extent, depending on the materials and design used. This can be achieved using insulation material, air gaps, and ventilation. If you are considering a hung ceiling installation for heat reduction, it’s advisable to reach out to us so we can assess the specific needs of your office and recommend appropriate materials, designs, and strategies to achieve optimal thermal comfort and energy efficiency.

Yes, it is possible to improve the soundproofing of a suspended ceiling, to reduce the transmission of sound between spaces. This can be achieved by using high quality acoustic ceiling tiles.


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