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Elna Press Melbourne Suspended Ceiling Project

Elna Press is a printing company, located in Moorabin, Victoria. They are renowned as one of the top label printers in Australia and have been in business since 1958.

Their product offerings include standard labels, ribbons, stock labels, laser labels and more. Of course, this is all possible through their high quality equipment and printing factory.

The company reached out to us for an extensive revamping of their factory’s ceiling in 2022. This mega-project entailed a purposeful suspended ceiling installation in the Melbourne office.

Factory Suspended Ceiling Installation

The Elna Press Factory had an exposed ceiling and was an open factory, which fell short in the aesthetics and the professional appearance Elna Press was looking for. 

Their other main concerns were around air-conditioning, ceiling lighting, as well as proper fire protection services. 

Suspended Ceiling Benefits

Suspended ceilings can benefit offices and factories mainly through:

Temperature Control

Material used for the suspended ceiling helps regulate temperature, and provide better insulation. In the case of Elna Press, this led to an improved working experience for factory workers, and also resulted in energy savings.

Reduced Dust

With suspended ceiling panels, covering the open ceiling, dust particle movement is also restricted. For Elna Press, this helped to protect their machinery and equipment from collecting dust, and avoid frequent cleaning and maintenance.

Noise Reduction

Suspended ceilings can use acoustic tiles for office soundproofing properties. With Elna Press, 2 types of high quality tile products were used for the false ceiling:

  1. acoustic tiles above the machinery
  2. plastered tile for the remaining areas

Modular systems accept certain tile sizes only so our qualified suspended ceiling contractors made sure to get the most suitable tiles to avoid any delays in project completion. 

In addition to tile size, the tile material was also a top priority for Metro Office Fit Outs. Cheap quality tiles react to temperature changes and can expand/contract which may cause them to fall out of the suspended ceiling system. If left unchecked, these cheaper tiles can risk injury to workers, and damage the ceiling itself, requiring frequent costly repairs.


Suspended Ceilings make aesthetic and bright lighting an easy possibility. For Elna Press, our suspended ceiling lighting plan was aligned for ensuring worker safety as well as for printing quality. This meant installing and positioning lights in places where they were most needed and would help factory workers perform their tasks better. 

We also made sure to cut energy costs here by utilising energy efficient LED lights.

Fire Safety

Suspended ceilings can be great for installation of fire protection devices which are a mandatory part of any commercial space. For the printing factory, our suspended ceiling contractors made sure to follow all fire safety regulations in Victoria. 

We installed fire sprinkler systems and customised their position to be over machinery, while also making sure to follow the Australian requirements of dispersing sprinklers at a certain distance.

Suspended Ceiling Project Outcome

Even though the Elna Press Factory Ceiling project was a tricky one and required Metro Office ceiling contractors to operate around the machinery, the scissor lifts and the knuckle booms, we ensured a service with minimal downtime and least impact on our client’s business operations for those three weeks.

As a result, the project was successfully executed with a satisfied client. Their workers received a new look to the factory, boosting their morale and safety conditions, while helping to save costs for Elna Press.

With 50+ years of experience in the fit out industry, Metro Office had once again done the job well, and used their expertise and experience to deliver on a suspended ceiling installation our clients were fully pleased with. 

Professional Office Fit Out Experience

We at Metro Office understand the precision, precaution and commitment required in delivering a high quality suspended ceiling and other office fit out services. We train our contractors and handymen along similar lines, to deliver unparalleled workmanship.

We are open to free flowing communication from our clients, so feel free to request, consult, discuss any queries regarding suspended ceilings in Melbourne. Contact us today for a free quote!

Elna Press Fit Out Images

Check out the before and after images below to see the final ceiling look of the commercial suspended ceiling installation project for Elna Press office 

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3 weeks


Elna Press


12 Elna Court Moorabbin Vic




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February 21st, 2017





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