Commercial Fit Out Services

With 50+ years in the industry, we know how important your office space is and the difference it can make in your business and your employees.

To make your office fit out experience as simple as possible, Metro Office Fit Outs offers a range of fit out services to meet your needs. Whether it be a minor ceiling repair, an office partition project, a meeting room renovation or a complete office rehaul, Metro Office is right for the job.

We take pride in our qualified team of contractors and designers to give you the very best workmanship and a fit out that supersedes the rest!

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Office Fit Outs

If your office space needs a breath of fresh air, a commercial office fit out is your best bet. Consult Metro Office Fit Outs to completely redesign, and re-do your office space with renewed aesthetics, functionality and safety all in one.

Our office fit out experts come with a thorough experience in the fit out industry, with a strong commitment to work ethic, quality, and customer centricity. No matter what your business type, we can create the right office space for you and your team. 

View Our Office Fit Out Project.

Office Renovations

Are you looking to remodel or expand your office? Look no further than Metro Office Fit Outs to plan out and successfully implement your office renovation.

We focus on early planning, cost-efficient budget setting and practical timelines with minimal downtime to carry out our expert renovation services.

View Our Office Renovation Project.

Office Interior Design

Our commercial interior designers blend business aesthetics and functionality, covering all the necessary elements for a dynamic commercial office fitout.

Our office interior design services are executed with minimal downtime, utilising the highest quality materials and ensuring frequent communication with our clients at every step.

Reach out to us today to assess your interior design and revamp your offices in Melbourne.

Aluminium Doors

Consider installing versatile aluminium door systems for your business. Metro Office Fit Outs provides custom built aluminium doors as per your office requirements, to ensure security, as well as aesthetics.

Our designers will make sure your doors are in sync with the rest of your office theme, and built to your exact specifications. Reach out to us today to discuss the right door type for your office space and how you would like it to be customised.

Suspended Ceilings

Looking to add an elevated touch to your office space? Consider installing a suspended ceiling in the many designs and varieties available.

Metro Office Fit Outs invests in the highest quality materials and expert ceiling contractors to do the job once and to do the job well!

With carefully planned and designed drop ceilings, you can spruce up your regular office space into one that employees want to come into everyday.

View Our Suspended Ceiling Project.

Glass House System

Glass Partitions

What is a modern office without glass partitions? Get a quote from Metro Office today to improve your office design with some simple glass office partitions. 

With the option of demountable partition systems and customisable designs with brand logos, colour glazing or frosting, we can guarantee a bright and productive office that speaks true to your company’s persona.  

Office Partitions and Cubicles

Office cubicles and partitions can come in handy where there is a need for privacy and to restrict access. They could also simply be an interior design addition to give your office a new look and boost team well being.

Metro Office Fit Outs offers architect-led creative partitions and wall panels that improve your office aesthetic. Call us at the early stages of your interior improvement plans for us to recommend the best partitioning options for your office layout. 

Ceiling Repairs & Replacement

If you’re tired of your cracked, sagging, or water damaged ceiling, and want to have it repaired – or better yet – replaced, call Metro Office Fit Outs today!

A battered ceiling isn’t just disappointing to look at, but also comes with structural risks that can quickly become a safety issue for your employees.

Metro Office can help you with all kinds of office ceiling trouble, and colour match the end result in line with your office theme.

Office Soundproofing

Struggling to find the acoustic balance for your office? We offer office sound reduction services to help improve your office acoustics, and add office soundproofing where needed.

As a specialist acoustic contractor, you can expect Metro Office Fit Outs to find the best acoustic solutions for your commercial office needs.

View our Office Sound Reduction Project.

Fire Walls

You can never be too safe from a fire emergency, and evaluating your office building’s fire safety and protection should be a priority.

We supply and install Supapanel fire walls that are manufactured in Melbourne and are built with a high fire resistance of 120 minutes, all in compliance with Australian Standards. So, if you need Metro Office Fit Outs to book you in for a fire rated wall system for your work space, get a quote today.

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